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Can I upgrade my server?

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  • Can I upgrade my server?

    Yes, you can. Just contact our Sales department via the Helpdesk with the details to get started.

    We use a pro-rated method where we bill you for the difference between the old and the new machine costs. It is really very simple and clear. Take a look at the example below. Keep in mind that our billing cycle is 30 days long.


    You purchase Server A at $130/month. You have used it for 15 days and decided to upgrade to Server B that costs $240/month. Here is how we will bill you:

    1. $130 / 30 days = $4.33 per day for Server A.

    2. $240 / 30 days = $8 per day for Server B.

    3. ($4.33 x 15 days) + ($8 x 15 days) = $184.95 for this current month.

    4. $184.95 - $130 = $54.95 that you owe us on top of the $130 that you already paid for Server A.

    This does not include any service fees or parts fees which are extra.
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