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Oops, I missed my Grace Period, what now?

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  • Oops, I missed my Grace Period, what now?

    If you fail to submit a payment during the Grace Period, your account will be automatically suspended until you have logged in to our on-site control panel and paid. Upon verification of your payment, your account will once again be active.

    Important: If you do not pay your account after 25 days of your payment due date, your account will be terminated and your website files will be deleted from our servers. This is to ensure our server performance is at its peak during all times and that no space goes to waste. We will not be responsible for any lost data.

    If you have an issue that will prevent you from making your payment, please email us at [email protected] with your account details and we can always work something out.

    Please remember that we are here to serve you! But we are unable to do so if you do not let us know ahead of times.
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